Our major attention is turned to satisfied customers. This includes of course a responsible handling of sensitive data. We’d like to plan your projects and implement it within your requirements. For this purpose we develop high-leveled solutions. In the following ranges we would like to support your company on existing and upcoming projects.


The design of mechanical assemblies for the area for electronic devices is a major field of ours. The individual modules are created together with the electronic development specialists.

At the same time, we are also involved in the development of complete systems. An example for that is our engagement in crash systems.

Considerable demands are placed on the electronics in crash systems. This is also true for the mechanical assemblies. The acceleration which occurs in service may not have an influence on the electronics in critical moments. The subsequential evaluation of the crash test must be guaranteed.
We design and build mechanical solutions and housings which are suited to the demands and permit an exact processing of the data gained.


Jig Construction

Most requests in this range come from automotive industry. We do jig construction e.g. for automotive welding and engine assembly lines.

But also for satellite and optical systems or simple mass dummies handling tools and jigs- so called: GSE (Ground Support Equipment) – are needed.

Transport Trolley

Trolley for transport, cleaning and
measuring tasks of SOFIA Mirror Module Assembly



Reduced copies of Space Craft Structures for Harness manufacturing


Welding Jigs

Automotive welding and assembly lines


Space Projects

Our designs vary from compact electronic housings and small satellites to complex built-in structures such as they are used by the International Space Station „ISS“. We were also participating in the design of the X-Ray telescope „XMM“ with our high precision assembly systems.

Special Machinery

Our Clients are component suppliers of chemical, building and automotive industry. We develop new machinery, customize existing product lines or design additional functionality to existing plants.

Assembling of Engines

Oiling Plant, Sealant Coating Plant


Leak Testing

Leak testing of cast iron parts of automotive industry


EPS und Polyurethane Finishing Lines


Optical Systems

For over 20 years we are involved in the design of optical systems or rather their subsystems. The focus of
our client has basically been on space research projects. But even measuring systems and instruments for environmental applicaitons, the German Meteorological Service and fusion diagonistics have been outcomes of this.